Summer Vibration

The heater hums, the air is thick in my lungs, and I’m slightly sticky from the dried sweat and grease from a night at work. We’ve added new items to the menu, and it’s been a bit of a process.

I’ve come to realize I’m very much in love with this summer. There are plenty of situations that frustrate me, but there are more reasons for me to be jovial. I am young and still trying to figure myself out. I’m exploring, as I should be.

I’ve grown close to new people (tonight I spent an hour at the bar having a heart to heart with a coworkers boyfriend). I’ve simply fallen in love with the quiet nights spent on the restaurant patio.

Somewhere inside me I feel the need to move on. There are exciting things in my future, and I’m looking forward to where I am going while also trying to take in all I can while I’m still here. “So many lives you leave behind from the paths you don’t take.” (Probably not word for word, but it’s Atticus)

I’m also nervous for the future, all the paths I could choose, which will be the right one for me. I’ve always worried.

But for now I am in love. I’m in love with everything I have, I am. I can see how people get stuck here. But I will not be one of them.