Freudian Philosophy

Like many people, I’ve always been interested in dreams. Unlike many people, I think it’s because my dreams are really weird.

I lucid dream fairly often. I didn’t realize what I do is considered lucid dreaming, I just always thought that my dreams were subject to my suggestions. As it’s hard to recall memories, I can’t think of great examples. I know the lucidity can go both ways, where sometimes what I suggest can be good or bad, for example I’ll be in a dangerous situation and think “man it would really suck if this happened” and then whatever I had been thinking of would happen.

In a nicer, more recent example, I dreamed that I was at a house party with Alex, the friend in Australia, and I saw Ryan’s frat brothers start to show up at the party so I excitedly thought to myself No way, what if Ryan were here too. Then after looking outside I saw Ryan and immediately screamed and ran to him. My friends and I haven’t been reunited in almost two years at this point, so that was quite an awesome dream to have.

I also have vivid, plain dreams. The best one I can remember is that in real life I needed to go to the dentist to get a cavity filled. I’m not super afraid of the dentist, but I think we can all agree that no one likes going. So in the dream, I was playing with the tooth that had a cavity, and suddenly it popped out. I was so excited that I ran to the bathroom, where, still in the dream, my sister was showering, and just hopped up and down shouting “Lauren I lost the tooth! I don’t need to get it filled anymore!” to the closed bathroom door. It was quite a disappointment to wake up and still need that cavity filled.

(I believe losing teeth in dreams has been interpreted to mean that someone is about to die or has died recently. However, at that time I don’t recall any deaths in the family.)

I’m not sure how to describe this next one, other than weird. So, full disclosure, I love Harry Potter and Avatar: The Last Airbender. In my dream, it was a crossover between the two worlds. We were playing Quidditch in my court, some of us on brooms, some on flying bison (preparing to be ridiculed for this dream…). I fell off my broom, someone swooped down and handed me a white dandelion, the ones you make a wish from. It slowed my fall, like an umbrella in a cartoon. When I touched the ground, the game ended, and I knew I needed to get something from my room before the next match, so I ran upstairs and laid down on my bed, suddenly tired. I jolted as I remembered I need to get back to the game! And as I sat up in my dream, I woke up in real life, moving from the same exact position in my bed.

Another random example, I remember waking up in the middle of the night to say zoology once…

I have very violent nightmares, often involving a lot of blood. I once had a dream that I was looking down on a protest that suddenly turned into a violent riot with people being torn in half by police.

I remember one time I saw someone being eaten by a plant with vicious teeth, and she cried out to me as she was being eaten alive.

In another example, I dreamed that someone was slaughtering all of the families in my court, and I had watched him kill the first two families. So I ran from my house into one of the neighbor’s houses and was ducking beneath the window, crying, just waiting for the person to find me.

Out of all of those dreams, the one that occurs most often is one where I’m being chased. They come in all variations: I’m being chased by a dark man I don’t know; I’m being chased and he’s gaining on me; I’m being chased and he’s nipping at my heels as I struggle to gain some distance; a man with a knife is so close to catching me that I clutch at the ground like an animal in a desperate attempt to move faster; someone’s chasing me and I have body guards; an animal is chasing me and I’m attempting to run, but when it catches me I try to fight back and delay death as long as I can.

Most of these chasing dreams end with me hyperventilating and scaring myself out of sleep.

I finally looked it up, and apparently chasing dreams mean that you are running from something, generally something that is causing you stress or anxiety, because you do not want to deal with it. The problem goes unresolved.

As I haven’t really been worried about much lately, I’m not sure how accurate this interpretation is, but maybe I have been subconsciously worried about an unresolved issue. I guess I will need to take the time to reflect on what is going on in my life the next time I have a chasing dream.

I definitely think dreams can be important messages, although sometimes dreams are just dreams.

My mom always had dreams that she was in school, running to find a classroom and she was so worried because she was going to be late to class. She was very lost. At the same time in real life, she struggled with her career. She felt lost in that she didn’t know what to do, didn’t think it was her calling in life anymore. When she finally trained to become PRI certified, she found the classroom in her dream. She still has the same dream sometimes, but now at the end of it she can always find the classroom.

Personally, I had dreams about one of the guys I was seeing. He had cheated on me previously, and we were trying to work things out still, but it’s very hard to trust anyone again after being cheated on, especially the actual culprit. Even if things were going well in our relationship, I would have horrible dreams about him where I was either unbearably sad or blindingly furious with him, and he always felt so guilty in person. There was nothing he could do about my dreams, no matter how he reconciled in real life. After a while, I began to trust him again, and the personal problems we faced finally felt like they had worked themselves out. After that, I didn’t have any bad dreams about him.

I’m not sure if this is exactly interesting to read, but I personally think it’s interesting to experience. I’ve always been interested in dreams, so maybe one day I’ll have an “aha” moment of what my more confusing dreams mean.


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